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A Happy Halloween, It Was

Just a quick post with Ben’s pumpkin (more on the kids later).  Ben carved this after he drew it freehand.  His pumpkins always amaze. Share and Enjoy:

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If the title of this post could be a WHA? head shake punctuated by bulging eyes, it would

Just take a glance at my to-do list today, then join me for number 11, because you might need it too.  Or just send booze to my destination.  Or simply dig the hole so I can just fall backwards into it for my final resting place. My to do list: 1.) Finish editing family photo [...]

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My New Baby…. She Acts

This may come as a shock to some.  And this may be called a wrong move by many others.  So here it goes. I am thinking of abandoning this blog for my new baby she I am not sure yet…. and I need your advice on more than one thing. First, on abandoning this [...]

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Standing in the Line… And Stronger for It

There has been much hub bub in the mom/mommy-blogging community about the snarky NY Times article  Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand. And maybe rightly so.  The beginning of the article smacks of “look what these silly women are doing now. Oh, look!  They think that they can be PROFESSIONALS!” Nevermind, [...]

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The Great Interview Experiment with the Uncouth Heathen

Interviews have always fascinated me.  I love to see the little aspects into people that helped shape them as people.  I love to hear the interesting little tidbits that are funny, touching, or just plain weird.  Celebrity interviews don’t really do it for me, unless their story is particularly compelling.  It is the interviews of [...]

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And another thing……

Life is about the good, the bad, and the WHA?!?!?! these days. One for the “WHA!?!?!?” file, Wise Guy came home from preschool today with a sad face on his hand.  That’s right.  A *fucking* sad face.  Nothing was said to me at school about his behavior, him being sad etc.  No note, nothing at [...]

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