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Hard Day on the Merry-Go-Round

Today was a trying day. The kids were volatile, allergies and general blahness had the best of me, and it just seemed neverending.  So when Ben came home, I took advantage.  I wanted to take a walk.  Alone. In the woods.  To clear my head. Of course the kids wanted to go to the park [...]

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Raising Myself

We all or know of  those parents. Those parents that secretly(or not so secretly) wish karma would come and bite you in the ass and you would have to raise a kid “JUST LIKE YOU”.  My mom wished that on me, and, as it would turn out, her wish was some higher powers command.  My [...]

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Do you Feel Stoned?

These words so uttered by  6 year old sweetie to my 3 year old Wise Guy.  My head shoots up from my work.  ”WHAT?” They were playing so nice for a change.  What the HELL is this?  Where did this come from? “What did you say?” I ask again.  I look closely at the two [...]

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That’s My Girl

Today, the kids and I were at a play place with some close friends.  When we got there, we were the only people there.  After about 20 minutes of play, some other kids, including some 9 year old boys joined the fun.  Ten minutes later, Sweetie (age 5) comes out of the tubes and says, [...]

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Boys are Tough

The wise guy.  Oh, god, the wise guy.  He is precious, but boy is he tough…. in more ways than one.  He is a boy of constant motion, of constant action.  He is loving beyond words….. and then he kicks you right in the boobs to lay you flat on your back.  I know that [...]

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A nemesis and a puppet

My children come up with the strangest things.  As frustrating as they can be (and Wise Guy is about to push me to the edge with his CONSTANT JUMPING on people), they can also be extremely funny.  I wonder where they get this stuff sometimes, but I guess I really shouldn’t look any farther than [...]

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