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Brought to you by the letter “V”

Vacation.  I am still in the stupor that involves coming home from vacation. My family and I left at 12:30 am two Wed. ago because apparently jumping into the car after a full day with children whining “When are we leaving?  I want to see Grammy and Goomba!!!!!” seemed JUST THE THING TO DO (oy….).  [...]

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A post about a girl finding her passion, preschool mothers, leeches,…. oh, and flying dead rodents

This time last spring, I was getting annoyed.  Very annoyed.  Sweetie wanted NOTHING to do with being outside (unless it was swimming at the community pool).  It was always too hot, too sunny, she would rather sit still and play dolls, blocks, etc.  I was going out of my mind.  After all, I LOVE being [...]

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Pecking Order

Finally have the ability to  upload and add photos again (computer nightmare still being worked out).  So I thought I would start with a not so Wordless Wed.  This is a photo from our trip to NC (Duke Gardens).  This Great Blue Heron can often be seen in the zen garden.  On this day, we [...]

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The Reset Button

Life threw me for a loop this last week when, from a small crack in the skin of my dry knees (maybe I should spend some more time on myself), formed an abscess that turned into cellulitis of the entire leg.  The leg was twice its normal size and a fiery angry red. I drove [...]

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My Middle Name is Danger

It has got to be.  I live with a ninja/monkey. Last night, I took Sweetie to Tae Kwon Do.  45 minutes of having to wrangle Ninja Monkey and contain his energy so that he doesn’t destroy the place, lick the viewing window, or distract the students.  Not easy with Ninja Monkey. So, I taught him [...]

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I put the Adventure in Adventure Camp: Part 1

Noon.  On the creek bank.  Fifteen 10-12 year olds.  Adventure Survial Camp.  Overnight canoe trip.  There I stood, on the bank, camp director, 1 Jr. Counselor, myself, and 15 preteens.  We all had our gear.  We were all gung ho, ready to take on the creek. Ready to canoe to the campsite.   I grabbed [...]

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