My New Baby…. She Acts

This may come as a shock to some.  And this may be called a wrong move by many others.  So here it goes.

I am thinking of abandoning this blog for my new baby she

I am not sure yet…. and I need your advice on more than one thing.

First, on abandoning this blog. I feel like I have outgrown it and its name, for so many reasons.  I feel like it is mostly a mismash of thoughts, some personal, some not.  I feel like it is a collection of thoughts that don’t always fit together. Which is not really a bad thing; many blogs I admire are.  We are all multi-dimensional and our blogs show it.  However, I often face writers block, unsure what to write, unsure how to continue.

I feel like I lost the joy, the celebration, the funny, or a path, for that matter. On top of that, I feel like I am holding myself back; and I really am not sure why.

Onto the new blog….. She Acts.

This winter was hard.  Damn hard.  Winters and depression always are a bad mix.  Plus, I started working at home, and finding a balance has been less than easy.  I felt like I lost myself in the commotion of it all.

So,  for this and for so many other reasons, I feel the need to turn over a new leaf.  So I am jumping in with two feet and getting involved in my community once more.  It is something that I have always been passionate about, but neglected when I had a family, right when I should be more involved. It is invigorating and EXTREMELY busy, and I am still trying to find balance, but I have found a smile.

So, I decided to write a blog about it.  A personal blog (and so much more) about my path to community action, from the little things, to the big things.  I don’t want the thing to read “holier than thou”, as it could not be further from the truth with me.  I also want to highlight amazing women who make a difference, how to get your kids involved in community, and community projects/organizations that I find important.

So, here are the questions…. and I want honest answers.

1.) Should I abandon Down to Earth Mama and put all my concentration into She Acts?  I couldn’t bear not writing the occasional personal post or political thought post, and unsure if the niche of the other would fit so well.  Maybe have it as a category?

2.) What categories should I use for the She Acts site?  I need five to fit the theme.  I also need help with the wording. I have My Personal Path, Women who Make a Difference, Community Building, …. and….then I am stuck.  And I am not even sure that the wording for the categories I have fit.  I was also thinking about a He Acts category.

3.) Do you have any people that you think should be highlighted?  How about stories or community organizations?

4.)  What would you like to see from this site?  What would you find useful and inspiring?

This is a big move for me.  I have spent two years here, writing, sharing, making friends.  I am not sure where to go from here, but I am excited about my new site, my new path, and I would love to hear your feedback.  After all, She Acts is all about community, so I am asking my community to help me build it.

Much love, and thanks in advance.


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20 Responses to “My New Baby…. She Acts”

  1. TJB 15 March 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    1. If you feel that you need a personal space to occasionally write something personal then I say don’t abandon this site, jut let folks know that you won’t be posting as much. That your main focus will be She Acts and here is secondary.

    2. I like the categories that you listed so far and the wording. I’m not a wordsmith so I’m truly ignorant in finding something catchy. I do like the idea of the He Acts. It would be nice outside of the Community Building if you had a section for what others are doing in areas across our country and others. It could fall under Community Building but I think the CB one should be for your area and then a separate ones for others – but that may entail too much extra work for you.

    3. I think the everyday person should be highlighted – a person who saw a need and stepped up. Someone who didn’t have a lot of funding, but a skill and went for it. I know there was a woman who work worked with homeless shelters and homeless women and they made bags and sold them. I can’t remember the company name, but I thought that was awesome. She saw something that could help these women and did it. Big organizations are great but stoplights on the little people are truly wonderful and needed.

    4. What I like to see from your current site – what you are doing, but I would love to see more of your photography. I would love to learn more about your photography process. But that is totally selfish because I just want to learn from you.

    Looking forward to whatever you decide to do.

    Good Luck!!!
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    Corina Reply:

    Thank you so much! This is exactly the type of feedback I need.
    And for posting my photos…. you are right. I have all but abandoned my photography blog, and I should get that up and running again. Since it is my TRUE LOVE.


    Corina Reply:

    TJ: I would happily come up to NY and we could do a photowalk! That would be so cool. Will be in NY for Blogher. Maybe we could meet up then! Thanks for the inspiration. I felt like I needed it.


  2. Grammy 15 March 2010 at 8:37 pm #

    I understand the balance of time but I think during the transition you should keep both options open. My advice for another category would have to do with how the community efforts impact the kids, or how they can be involved – how about “Kids Impact” or “future impact” or “kids act”.
    We should never stop growing and branching out our tree of life keeps morphing.
    We can all morph with you and see where it takes us all. Glad to be along on the journey.


    Corina Reply:

    Thanks for always being a touchstone!


  3. ilinap 15 March 2010 at 10:16 pm #

    I don’t think you should abandon DTE just yet. You might post less frequently or just use it for your randoms musings and non sequitors about your kids or whatever you fancy (which is my whole blog!). Use She Acts for the business of action. The two don’t have to necessarily be mutually exclusive, and you can link a teaser intro from one blog to the other.

    I’d love to see the categories you mentioned plus things like: Activism made easy, something like “5 bucks is change” (, and a spotlight for women/men making a difference in their communities.

    Just don’t forget to inject some light hearted humor and wit, which you are so full of.
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  4. taylor900(jeff) 15 March 2010 at 11:17 pm #

    I’d like to see you use guest bloggers..or people to guest write articles here from time to time like me. I have a number of things I’d like to express but have never wanted a blog. Clean oceans, water, meatless mondays, what it’s been like raising my siblings..and I know many interesting people you might have as guest writers on many topics as well as it would be interesting for you to feature a links section for reading options and to people to follow on Twitter ie: @ebertchicago what this brave man has gone thru, most recently jaw cancer which has taken his voice, yet his tweets are so inspiring and educational..and funny..S0 sorry for the long comments..hope this helps -jt


  5. SilentBen 15 March 2010 at 11:32 pm #

    I agree with the others that you should keep dtemama running both for random musings and to help drive traffic to she acts.

    As for the categories, I suggest names that fits the name. Here are some ideas:

    My Acts – personal path
    Great Acts – notable efforts of others
    Acting Lessons – getting kids involved
    He Acts – notable efforts of others who happen to be men
    Acting Out – community building


    Corina Reply:

    Thank you. I like these categories.


  6. Glossolaliac 16 March 2010 at 11:35 am #

    I know you’re trying to engage your readers with this post and all the “build followship” experts tell you to ask questions of your audience, but as someone who has been active in the community and politics and nonprofits for, oh, all my life, your questions about what to be involved in and how to categorize it smack of superficiality and inauthenticity.

    If you’re passionate about something, then do it, and your passion will show through.

    If you’re not passionate about it, then it isn’t worth doing.


    SilentBen Reply:

    As her husband, I can assure you that I’ve never known Corina to do ANYTHING that wasn’t authentic, and she is farther from superficial than anyone I know. I think that you are mistaking her genuine pleas for guidance from peers she respects as a ploy for buy-in.

    Passion or not, any leap forward should be given its due consideration. The fact that she feels her readers are peers enough to advise such considerations, I feel, is respectable and genuine.


    Corina Reply:

    Thanks sweetie.


    Corina Reply:

    I am really sorry that if you felt it came across as inauthentic. It could not be farther from the truth. But I feel bad if you feel this smacks in the face of those who have been as committed as you. It was not my intent. My life took a detour. Finding my way back.


  7. Kelly Whalen 16 March 2010 at 1:14 pm #

    @Glossolaliac, wow that was a bit harsh. I think it’s very authentic. She’s dealing with work, family, life, and choosing a direction on something that effects here readers, of course she should reach out to them!

    And on to your questions:
    1) I hope you keep DTEMama, but if you feel it’s time to move on, then leaving a final note will be fine. I like the idea of having a category on She Acts called “Random Acts”

    2) I like the 4 you mentioned as well as Random Acts

    3) I don’t have anything in mind yet, but will keep my eye out. :)

    4) I agree with TJ, more photos would be fantastic. I personally don’t think you need to separate those parts of yourself-having them be a part of one website shows the many facets you have as a person.


    Corina Reply:

    Thanks, Kelly! It means alot. I should interview you! You have your hands in some amazing things.


  8. Jeanette 16 March 2010 at 1:59 pm #

    I think this new blog of yours sounds wonderful!
    Jeanette´s last blog .. My ComLuv Profile


    Corina Reply:

    Thanks Jeanette!


  9. Caroline 16 March 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    Like others, I say keep this site but just update when you feel the need. Who says you have to keep posts happening all the time? No rules here, just be yourself whenever you need to.

    As for the other site, I think its a fantastic idea and would be EXTRAORDINARILY AUTHENTIC. Real women, like you and me, CAN make a difference. Guest posts are a great idea, I love the categories. There is a ton to write about on this topic. As we discussed with Joanne at Type A, women/moms can be political in their own way where ever they are. We don’t have to go to Capitol Hill to make things happen. Can you imagine how much material there is about women who are doing this from their own backyards in btw. jobs and kids and little league practice? Anyway, I sure could use the inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you do.

    And agreed about Ilina’s suggestion of wit – staying funny, normal, approachable, regular will make all of your readers feel like they can “act” too.
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  10. Florencia 17 March 2010 at 9:05 pm #

    Corina, what a wonderful thing you are doing! I’m sorry I’m a little late to this party but I still want to put in my two cents. You have SO MUCH to offer that I think She Acts will be a great place for people interested in contributing to their communities to converge, exchange ideas, and change the world around them a little bit at a time. I’m angry that you got a negative comment from that person (Glossolaliac), I honestly don’t think it has ANYTHING to do with you and everything to do with her.

    I’m so excited for you! I know She Acts will rock. And keep this blog as a personal space for yourself when you feel like venting, posting your photographs, or just saying hi.


  11. grandmom Lor 18 March 2010 at 11:03 am #

    Love the ideas! I know you to be the most genuine person in the whole wide world. You always say what you mean and I am a better person for it. I love being the mother of such a sincere and caring woman. As always I will be here for the journey and the wisdom that you master. You will go far with this just remember to keep the smile bright.


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