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Happiness is a Warm Pen

Happiness exists many places:  the brilliant smile of my husband when he is laughing at one of my lame jokes, the moment my kids run toward me with open arms, their laughter when we are playing, their silence when they are sleeping. But if I were to talk about the happiness that I create for [...]

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As Long as I Get to be the Watery Tart

Happy 40th Anniversary to Monty Python!  In revisiting some of my favorite clips this week, I came across this one which I have ALWAYS loved. I started to see some of the relationships between this clip and blogging. (maybe a stretch, but humor me here). First of all, we don’t call each other by our [...]

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A post about a girl finding her passion, preschool mothers, leeches,…. oh, and flying dead rodents

This time last spring, I was getting annoyed.  Very annoyed.  Sweetie wanted NOTHING to do with being outside (unless it was swimming at the community pool).  It was always too hot, too sunny, she would rather sit still and play dolls, blocks, etc.  I was going out of my mind.  After all, I LOVE being [...]

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I don’t know if I should be proud or run the other direction

So, my husband was going over analytics of both his and my blog tonight.   If you searched for the following, you would find his blog in the top 10 sites in google: Butcher and porn star (number 3) :  Why in the hell would you search for this?  That is just creepy. You didn’t [...]

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