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In Defense and In Love

It was April 1992.  And I will NEVER forget these moments.  Mr. Lassen, my 10th grade English teacher and amazing human, gave us a task:  write a monologue.  I thought about it long and hard, trying not to be so “emo” as I was back then, but my heart kept on pulling me back to [...]

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Hard Day on the Merry-Go-Round

Today was a trying day. The kids were volatile, allergies and general blahness had the best of me, and it just seemed neverending.  So when Ben came home, I took advantage.  I wanted to take a walk.  Alone. In the woods.  To clear my head. Of course the kids wanted to go to the park [...]

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Raising Myself

We all or know of  those parents. Those parents that secretly(or not so secretly) wish karma would come and bite you in the ass and you would have to raise a kid “JUST LIKE YOU”.  My mom wished that on me, and, as it would turn out, her wish was some higher powers command.  My [...]

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The exact number of photographs I am currently downloading of my camera. 365. Because I take alot of photographs. And I have been BUSY. Busy, taking photos, and not taking photos. Busy NOT downloading the photos off my camera. Busy writing, and writing, and writing, and writing, (but you wouldn’t know it by looking here.) [...]

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I feel like Jeffery’s Mother

Today was a ROUGH day.  ROUGH.  Words cannot describe the fires I have had to put out today, the frustration I feel today, the way I just want to run from the house screaming. So, I will let Bill Cosby say it for me. Word to my husband who has yet to come home.  I [...]

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My first friend…. gone terribly wrong

When I was four years old, I had a doll named Chewy.  I loved that doll.  I cared for it.  I feed it.  I changed it when it went pee.  I nursed it back to health.  Chewy and I were inseparable.  We went to the park together; we played on the swings together.  Chewy and [...]

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