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A Girl on the Rise

She walked down the aisle, eyes searching the crowd, looking for us, her steps in rhythm with Pomp and Circumstance. When her eyes met ours, a smile erupted on her face, beaming pride, excitement brewing. She was a girl on the rise. She sat on those stairs, and her gaze never broke ours. She was [...]

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Women and their Wiles

So, about two weeks ago,  a statement from a session at SXSW was posted on twitter.  It went something like this: “Women:  you can use your feminine side to get the job, but you better back it up with brains.” My eyes started to bleed, I heard a loud whooshing sound, then all went dark. [...]

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Reforming our Schools: Part 1, Testing

Education.  Our ticket to success.  Our ticket to breaking new ground.  Our ticket to innovation, progress, and providing for our familes. Our right. So why is it so many are being failed by our system? As a former high school science teacher and a mother, I have alot to say on the subject.  Some of [...]

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Barack O’Mama is Pwesident

I sat, Sweetie by my side, Wise Guy on my lap.  We sat and watched the endless dignitaries, former presidents, senators, congressmen and women presented. Then the moment we had been waiting for arrived.  Barack Obama Before I could say anything, Wise Guy, at the wise age of 2 years and 4 months,  pointed, jumped [...]

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10/365 Moon Rocks

Last night.  Full moon at perigee. Wish I had captured it lower on the horizon so that it was bigger in the frame, but impressed with detail. A history lesson….. To those of you that have known me or have been reading me for awhile, it is no surprise/news that I am a little obsessed [...]

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A chance to meet my “sistas and brothers”

It has been a half year since I started blogging.  And what a year it was. When I first started, I honestly had no idea the depth blogging would take me.  I started writing for me.  Instead, what  I found  was a whole community out here that I barely knew existed.  Women, men, writers, photographers, [...]

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