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Getting back on the horse

Wow. What a crazy few months. There was Ben’s surgery, my freaking nightmare of dental problems (long, long story) that is still ongoing and lead me to lose 18 lbs in three weeks ( a good thing, but not the way I would have wanted to lose it…..), Christmas, and two birthdays, and a business [...]

Live Online Broadcast: PBS NewsHour Election 2010

I am hosting the PBS NewsHour Election Night 2010 Live online broadcast. Please check in at 10 pm to watch.

When Voting Was a Radical Act

There was a time when voting  was considered a radical act, when the suffragists marched, demanding that they had their own voice, that they were able to speak for themselves.  There was a time when women walked to that ballot box, slipped in their ballot, BEAMING that they stood for their own convictions, that they [...]

A Happy Halloween, It Was

Just a quick post with Ben’s pumpkin (more on the kids later).  Ben carved this after he drew it freehand.  His pumpkins always amaze.

What Matters to Me this Election

As we move towards election day, I am thinking more and more about the top issues I care about in this election.  This election is far too important, far too many issues that are critical. It can be downright infuriating and confusing, cutting through all the rhetoric and  extremist banter.  And I think that single [...]

Happy 4th Birthday, Wise Guy

Today, you turn 4.   I am amazed at your development and growth in the past year.  Within the last few months, you really have seem to come into your own.  You are writing many letters, including your own name unprompted. You are over-annunciating your l’s which is amazing to hear. You have developed reasoning skills. You [...]