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Holiday Air Travel – with Kids!

We made it to NC without incident!  We are visiting Ben’s family in NC through the 23rd (my only fear at this point is that we will make it home for Christmas with all the storms in the Northeast).  We are all happy to be here.  The kids ADORE their Grammy and Goomba and are [...]

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HUGE Announcement: HP Magic Giveaway happening HERE!

The HP Magic Giveaway is to be launched this week, and I will be one of fifty (!) bloggers involved in the promotion.  It is PURE MAGIC and is in the spirit of everything I value and enjoy: giving, community, photography, and excellent/fun technology.  Much more details are coming soon for the official launch of [...]

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Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?….. Why?

I took notes on the questions my kids have asked over the course of several days.  Here they are. Mom? Mommy? Juice? Can I have a treat? Did we eat breakfast? Share and Enjoy:

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C’mon Ladies… Strap One On

Now that I got your attention (I know where your minds are), let me clarify. I really want you to strap on a backpack and a pair of boots. Backpacking this weekend was wonderful (even if I am completely pissed off at my bum knee and my lack of endurance). My friend Jen, her friend [...]

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Bruised, battered, and smiling…..

I almost bailed out on my friend this weekend for our backpacking/backcountry camping trip (because I am a pussy when it comes to the heat….. 96 degrees this weekend). I am so glad I didn’t. The trail ate me alive and spit me back out. I hurt my knee (it happens every other time I [...]

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Shoes……..a good of a topic as any to start my blog

So, in thinking of a way to start of this blog, I could come up with nothing but shoes. Such a self-introspective topic don’t you think? As my brother said about my new effort, “Experience the pleasure of thoughtful and personal memoirs”. And I came up with shoes……

So let me clarify. I do not, in any way, have the cliche shoe fetish that most people think of when women start talking about shoes. I don’t wear heals…..except on very very special occasions. In eighth grade, I got sent home from cheerleading practice (some who know me are now snickering) for wearing hiking boots. Get the picture? Most would call me a tad “granola”.

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