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Wordless Wednesday: Melt my Heart

Meet my my brand new niece, my sister, and her beautiful family.  Seriously…. heart melting.   Share and Enjoy:

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Weekly Winners: Renaissance Faire and Apple Picking Edition

My weekly winners are a day late, but I am excusing myself because I spent the day at the PA Renaissance Faire yesterday and did not work to get up my post. (Actually, I have not done weekly winners in some time and I really would like to get back into the habit!)  I also [...]

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February 2010 Review (in Photos)

February 2010: Two blizzards, lots of play, lots of snow, lots of milestones…. Snow Piled High on EVERYTHING The Kids Tried to Play in It… Proved Difficult but Fun! They Made a New Friend Lots of Laughter, Lots of Apples, Lots of Static Lots of Beating Each Other Up (Wii Boxing and Otherwise) Shaking it [...]

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Weekly Winners: Dec. 13 – Dec 19

BLIZZARD EDITION! For more weekly winners, please check out Sarcastic Mom’s blog! Share and Enjoy:

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Weekly Winners – The Late Edition

So, I am late with my weekly winners this week.  Mostly because I really didn’t take many until this weekend/yesterday AND (as Lotus has pointed out to me), I am a lazy douche (right back at you girl).  So here they are.  Hopefully they are worth the wait.  And if you want to see more [...]

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Weekly Winners – 5/16 to 5/23

I am back posting Weekly Winners!  Things have been pretty crappy here the last few weeks again, and there is a post to come on that, but I did actually get to take some photos this week even though I was in incredible pain.  It kept me grounded and made me realize the joy I [...]

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