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Going to the Joy

This week I have been walking a tightrope between grateful, finding joy in the whims of life, getting teary-eyed, being annoyed, and completely losing my composure (over the Glee version of Poker Face of all things….and To Sir with Love (in addition to other things)).  I am taking it all in stride. Trying to find [...]

In Search of Life Preserver

It is that time of year again.  The time of year when my world feels like it is crashing upon me, when depression and anxiety takes it cold, bony hand wraps it around my throat and squeezes….. hard.  Honestly, it seems a bit harder this year.  There is too much to juggle, too many questions. [...]

In Defense and In Love

It was April 1992.  And I will NEVER forget these moments.  Mr. Lassen, my 10th grade English teacher and amazing human, gave us a task:  write a monologue.  I thought about it long and hard, trying not to be so “emo” as I was back then, but my heart kept on pulling me back to [...]

To New Beginnings

The night before the first day of  first grade, Sweetie lay in her bed, anxiety-ridden, crying so loud she could not hear me above her hyper-ventilating sobs.  Was she scared of the school?  No.  Was she scared of the teacher?  No.  Was she scared of learning?  Hell no.  She was scared about the new kids, [...]


In a  completely Orwellian move, Philadelphia has decided to increase revenue flow and put a dent in its debt problem by charging  Philadelphia bloggers a $300 business privilege license.  According to the City Paper, this fee will be levied on the account that a blogger has the potential to make money off of their blog, [...]

Happiness – Then and Now

So, when Cecily wrote me the other day asking me to write a post on the difference between what makes me happy now compared to when I was younger, I jumped at it.  What better way to fend off the predictable, depression and annual idenitity crisis of the “who am I, where have I been, where [...]